Monday, May 29, 2006

Louis 'Oak' Anderson Session

Hi there,

Just thought I'd drop a note about a two day session I had recently with the young singer/songwriter Louis 'Oak' Anderson from Devon.

On a stag weekend up North a few months ago a buddy of mine, Russell, played me some songs by Louis. They had worked in the same surf shop and both been fired from the shop and had remained friends. you know how it is people are always saying "you must hear this" but when I heard Louis I enjoyed it - particularly his strange voice. With the right development I thought...blah blah

So we began corresponding through email and phonecalls on a possible EP/Album for Flying Mountain. I wanted to do something acoustic with Louis rather than with a full band.

I'll let Louis tell you the story and the link below is to his myspace profile and blog on the session.

Louis Oak Anderson on Myspace

He has a quick mix of one of the tracks up there called Princess - played with a lovely £4 guitar. I helped out on harmonies. The final record will have a flute player we think.....still looking for them so if you are a flute player in Manc then get in touch..

Will keep you posted on this one.


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