Sunday, June 18, 2006

Birmingham O Birmingham

A quick note just to big up the lyrical warriors and poetic messengers that stepped down from Birmingham to be part of the Zeitgesit Orchestra for Friday nights show with Broad Minded.

Wasif (The What Supreme - verbalist) and Tom (Sensei C - verbalist/clarinet) play out as the duo HLI (Headlighter Islanders) but like proper scenesters are involved in all kinds of activities. On Friday and Saturday they took their heat over to Manc for Drongomala and Flying Mountain.

The electroraga piece was a beautiful thing and everyone pushed themselves out into that jazzy primal scream therapy territory that is needed to pull off a 14 minute unrehearsed jam. HLI dropped their live set afterwards and the night couldn't hace been inaugurated better.

....on the Saturday we then dropped two jams in spooky electric (my studio). Ep in the summer sometime.

Big Up Wasif and Sensei C - the real spirit of hip-hop runs through these guys.


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