Friday, July 14, 2006

Guitar Amps Dream of Shifting Air Like a Flute

Madness -this has sat in Drafts for 4 months...oops...

Just had a flute session for Louis Oak Anderson's EP due out this summer with the wonderful wind player Ian Dixon. Ian's played on all kinds of things from the BBC Radio Orchestra to Primal Scream and Joni Mitchell.

Ian was brought up in Lancashire and and after stints all over the UK and his current schedule doesn't look like his biog is slowing down. From the chats we had in the kitchen over my butchered coffee it turned out that he's producing and arranging all kinds of music.

My favourite sessions are always the ones that finish early because it means that all is flowing.

Louis is coming up to play Manchester on the 22nd July 2007 to play the Green Room. Check The Good Hurt Blog/Dates.

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